Readymade and Shelf-Aged Companies

At Atrium & Associates, we partner with our clients to provide quality service and aged shelf companies. We make sure our clients have the knowledge and confidence needed to make the right decision for their business. We pride ourselves on our ability to create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We have an extensive inventory of aged shelf companies ranging from 1-17 years old.

Extensive Inventory

More than 500 Worldwide
Aged Companies

ready made and shelf aged companies

Shelf-clean History

We never sell corporations
with history or lines of credit

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List of Shelf Companies

Belize IBC

Bulgaria EOOD

(*) Corporate Bank Account Opening in 48h
(**) Active VAT
(***) Active Corporate Bank Account

British Virgin Islands BC

Canada LLP, British Columbia

Canada LP, British Columbia

Canada Inc, British Columbia

Canada LP, Ontario

Gibraltar Limited Company

Hong Kong Limited Company

Ireland Rep, Limited Partnership

Ireland Rep, Private Limited Companies

Marshall Islands Limited Companies

Mauritius Limited Companies GBCII

Netherlands Foundations

New Zealand Limited Companies

New Zealand Limited Partnerships

Northern Ireland Limited Liability Partnership

Northern Ireland Non-Profit Organziation Company Limited By Guarantee

Northern Ireland Limited Company

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vicent Grenadines Limited Companies

Scotland UK Limited Partnership LP

Scotland UK Limited Liability Partnership LLP

Scotland UK Private Limited Company

Seychelles, IBC

Spain, Sociedad Limitada (SL)

(*) With active Bank Account, Online Services and Debit Card

Sweden – KB (Limited Partnership)

UK, Private Limited Co


UK, Non-Profit

USA, Colorado LLC

USA, Delaware LLC

USA, Florida LLC

USA, Hawaii LLC

(*) EIN number included

USA, Kentucky LLC

USA, New Jersey LLC

USA, New Mexico LLC

USA, New York LLC

USA, Oregon LLC

USA, Pennsylvania LLC

USA, Rhode Island LLC

USA, Washington LLC

USA, Wyoming LLC

Atrium Associates

Services we DO
Services we DO NOT DO

Services WE DO:

Under our Services portfolio, we are EXCLUSIVELY engaged in assisting worldwide clients, either individuals or corporate entities, to set up their business overseas; in order to allow every client to properly register their business at an international jurisdiction, ATRIUM & ASSOCIATES provides all related services including company formation, assistance to locate local registered offices for their new business company, helping to open business bank account, and introducing client to local chartered accountants.


Services WE DO NOT do:

ATRIUM & ASSOCIATES does not provide investment or financial advice, and any sort of financial business activity.

The Best & Recommended Offshore Jurisdictions
For International Business and Investment

shelf companies list best offshore jursidictions

International Trade and Tax Planning
The Onshore Alternative New “Offshore” Solutions!

shelf companies list international trade

Belize provides a very efficient corporate, LLC and trust Code which can be adapted to just about any situation. Belize is an ideal place for the formation of an offshore company. Belize IBCs are companies that are commonly used for offshore banking, to conduct international trade, and for asset protection.

Belize IBCs are also commonly used for the ownership of real estate property and land; personal service by individuals working overseas and offshore e-business.

new offshore solutions ireland 1

Advantages of establishing your IT business in Ireland

PRESTIGE – make your business more attractive to potential investors;

EU RESIDENCY – Fast track to Irish residency – start living and working in Ireland immediately;

NO RED TAPE – Ireland’s stable, business-friendly environment & transparent tax legislation ensure less hassle in dealing with government officials. Ireland has a vested interest in ensuring your business becomes successful;

LESS TAX – Substantial tax exemptions for research & development and grants are available for innovative IT products or projects, which allow you to save money & invest more in your business’ development.

new offshore solutions cyprus

Cyprus is considered to be a primary offshore and international business centre among approximately 50 countries offering facilities for these purposes.

Cyprus is a leading financial centre with one of the lowest tax rates among European Union countries, enjoying an extensive double tax treaty network, offering excellent professional services and a transparent regulatory environment.

new offshore solutions bvi

The British Virgin Islands’ (‘BVI’) remains the world’s leading offshore centre for the incorporation of international business companies, with approximately 450,000 active companies currently registered in the Territory.

One of the key strengths of the BVI which explains its continued success in an increasingly crowded market for offshore incorporations is that it is considered to be a responsible, respected financial centre. The attractiveness of the BVI as providing a prompt, low-cost and flexible option to incorporate special purpose vehicles and other entities (particularly funds), has been embraced across the world, with many now referring to an offshore international business company as simply a “BVI”.

new offshore solutions seychelles

A popular offshore company these days is the Seychelles IBC. The Seychelles IBC is a flexible tax free company ideal for a wide variety of uses. Seychelles IBCs are commonly used as Holding Company (real estate, shares, equities) or consultancy and personal service company.

Confidentiality is one of the key features of a Seychelles IBC. The reason for this is due to the fact that the details of the Seychelles IBC’s beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are not part of the public record. This information is only kept at the offices of the Registered Agent in complete confidence.

A Seychelles IBC is an efficient entity through which to open an account at an E.U banking institution.

atrium how we work gibraltar

0% Corporate Tax Rate
If income does not arise or Is not received in Gibraltar

No capital gains tax – No inheritance tax – No wealth tax – No gift tax – No sales tax – No VAT – No estate duty There is no taxation on dividends or interest paid by a Gibraltar company to non-resident recipients and withholding tax on dividends is generally at a 0% rate unless paid to resident companies.

Our special Gibraltar Company set-up package for professional associates is probably unique on the market

open bank account non uk residents

UK Residency is not a legal requirement

There are no legal restrictions that prohibit non-UK residents from opening a business account. However, most banks will not accept applications from overseas due to fraud concerns and the additional administration costs.

HSBC can provide a business account for UK-registered companies with non-resident directors and shareholders. However, the owner(s) of the company must travel to the UK to sign a bank mandate and present their photographic ID and proof of address documentation.

BARCLAYS offers an international business account with no stipulation for any directors or shareholders to be UK residents, under same terms.

open bank account international recommended banks

International Recommended Banks:

ABC Banking Corporation, Mauritius
Atlantic International Bank, Belize
BlueOrange Bank, Latvia (****)
Banco Sabadell, Spain, Madrid (*)
Bank of Nevis International Ltd
Bankinter, Spain, Madrid (*)
Barclays Bank, UK (*)
BFI, Cape Vert
BOC, Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus
BOSLIL, Bank of Saint Lucia Limited
Capital Security Bank, Cook Islands
CIM Banque, Switzerland
Citizens Bank, USA (*)
Euro Pacific Bank, St. Vincent & Grenadines
First Gulf Bank, Dubai (***)
Hellenic Bank, Cyprus
Heritage International Bank & Trust Ltd, Belize
HSBC, Hong Kong (*)
HSBC, UK (*)
Loyal Bank, St Vincent & The Grenadines
Millennium BCP, Portugal
NatWest, UK (*)
Nedbank Private Wealth – Isle of Man
Noor Bank, Dubai (**)
Pacific Private Bank, Vanuatu
Vanuatu National Bank, Vanuatu
Verso Bank, Estonia
Amongst others

(*) Personal meeting required
(**) Personal meeting at the branch in Dubai or at Noor Bank Lawyers in Switzerland
(***) Please note the clients do have to travel to Dubai to set up the bank account, any high net worth individuals or clients who can deposit a min of US$200,000 in the bank we can set up from London (UK)
(****) Merchant Account Services available, too

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