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Canadian legislation does offer the opportunity of registering and using Canadian corporate entities with a zero rate of tax. These are known as Limited Partnerships. The L.P is a limited partnership which has no less than two partners. One of the partners is a General Partner, whilst the other partners have the status of Limited Partners.

A Canadian L.P. with foreign members, which does not carry on a business in Canada and derives no income on Canadian territory, is not liable to tax in Canada. According to the Canadian tax laws, the L.P. is not considered as the separate subject of taxation. It is the founders (“Partners”) who should pay taxes from the profits received by the L.P. Company in the place of their residence, in proportions according to the shares of interests belonging to them in the L.P. Company, if it is stipulated by the legislation of that particular country.

Canada, Ontario LP Advantages

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) in BC were introduced following the passing of Part 6 of the Canada Ontario Partnership Act 2000 on 17th January 2005.

A Canadian L.P with foreign partners, not carrying on a business in Canada and deriving no income on Canadian territory, is not liable for local taxation in Canada. According to the Canadian tax laws, an L.P. is not considered as a taxable entity; taxation falls upon each partner, who is liable for payment of taxes from the profits received from the L.P. at their own place of residence, on the proportion of their own equity help on the partnership.

The advantages offered by the BC LLP are the same as those offered by UK LLPs.

– A BC LLP is created by registering a partnership with the BC Corporate Registry; It is formed by two or more corporate (or individual) persons entering into a partnership agreement, for the carrying on of a lawful business for profit;
– Although the registrations of LLPs in other Canadian provinces are restricted to professional practices, there are no similar limitations for BC LLPs;
– There are no restrictions on the jurisdiction of incorporation or residence of the partners;
– The entering into of a written partnership agreement is recommended to ensure greater ease of regulation between the partners;
– The agreement, which is essentially the ‘constitution’ of the LLP, is a private document, which does not require registration or public disclosure;
– BC LLP accounts are not required to be publicly filed or disclosed;
– BC LLPs are required to file an annual report with the BC Corporate Registry; although the filed annual reports are open to public inspection, they contain limited information. Generally BC LLPs must submit annual Partnership Information Returns to the Canadian Revenue Agency which state the partners’ share of the profits and losses of the LLP. However, this obligation can be dispensed with where the LLP has 5 or fewer partners; does not carry on business in Canada; and does not have any Canadian partners;
– It is possible to set up an LLP so that it is transparent for taxation purposes;

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