Why choose Cook Islands
When starting a business?

The Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii. The country consists of 15 islands spread over 1 million square miles of ocean. The island of Rarotonga is the capital, and home to more than 60% of the population. English is the everyday language

Originally a colony of Britain, then New Zealand, the Cook Islands achieved limited self-government in 1957, and became “self-governing in free association with New Zealand” in 1965. All Cook Islanders hold dual New Zealand and Cook Islands nationality and the country continues to enjoy a close relationship with New Zealand

The offshore centre was established in 1981 initially targeting markets in Australasia and driven by merchant banking transactions. In 1989 the Cook Islands became the first country to introduce asset protection laws and it remains the leading jurisdiction for asset protection trusts. This industry now dominates the financial centre.

The Cook Islands International Companies Act 1981 (“ICA”) governs the formation and activities of international companies, otherwise known as IBC’s, Offshore Companies, or Offshore Corporations. The ICA allows companies to be formed and operated with both flexibility and administrative ease. International companies are exempt from all tax in the Cook Islands.

We can incorporate a new company within 24 hours of receipt of our application forms and payment of fees.

Advantages of Establishing an International Trust or
Incorporating an International Company in the Cook Islands

– The Cook Islands international company offers some of the best advantages for asset protection and tax planning making it one of the most sought-after jurisdictions in the world;
– Ease of operation, setup and control;
– Maximum confidentiality, as incorporation documents do not name or identify the shareholder(s) or director(s);
– Corporate shareholders and directors are allowed;
– No disclosure or minimum capital requirements;
– Income generated from International Trusts, International Business Corporations and Limited Liability Companies are not subject to Cook Islands income tax, since the Directors are not resident in the Cook Islands, and control of the Company is exercised from outside the Cook Islands;
– Foreign judgments are not recognised in the Cook Islands;
– Stable economic environment and political system;

Additional Benefits of Incorporating in the Cook Islands

– No public registry of International Companies and information can only be obtained with permission from the Company itself. The Registrar only holds name and address details of the Directors. Shareholder information is only held at the registered office of the company (being CIT);
– Significant penalties for breach of confidentiality provisions;
– Exceptions to privacy exist in cases of serious criminal activity;

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