Resident Company for International Business

Premium Package
Including Corporate Bank Account &
Full Nominee Services
Set-up Fee £2,995

Filing fee to the Gibraltar Registrar of Companies – GBP 106
Compliance fee (at incorporation) – GBP 170
End of business relationship deposit – GBP 100
Certified set of corporate documents for bank account opening purposes – GBP 295
DHL delivery of documents to Bank – GBP 90

Please find our listing below “Optional Services”


Same as those included on Business Package plus:
Professional Individual or Corporate Nominee Shareholder Service
Professional Individual or Corporate Nominee Director Service

Optional Services

Standard Package of Corporate Documents with Notary Only – £185
Standard Package of Corporate Documents with Notary and Apostil – £295
Legalised Certificate of Incumbency – £260
Legalised Certificate of Good Standing – £295
Certified apostilled Power of Attorney on Client’s name – £450
DHL delivery of documents – £90

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Annual Fees from 2nd and subsequent years

Annual Official Filing Fee with Gib Registrar of Companies – £106
Preparation and Filing of Annual Return – £325
Filing Abridged Accounts (DCA) – £360
Preparing and Filing CT1 – £160
Provision of registered office – £480
Provision of local Resident agent as legally required – £360
Provision of local Company Secretary – £480
Provision of Nominee Services (Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder) – £1,200
Corporate Management and Compliance services under Gibraltar Laws – £600
Annual Customer due diligence (CDD) and Acting as Designated Representative
Including collecting, updating and keeping all corporate Reports, required as per current legislation – £170

Virtual Office Packages – Inclusions

Standard Package– allowing you to receive all mail addressed to your Company including mail forwarding service, to your own address overseas, wherever you are (£340)

Premium Package– same services as those included in our Standard Package plus exclusive telephone line; all calls will be automatically diverted to your own number overseas. (£610)

Term: 1 year, renewable

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Glasgow, Scotland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dublin, Ireland
Limassol, Cyprus
London, UK
Madrid, Spain
Miami, FL, USA
New York, NY, USA
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Sofia, Bulgaria
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pennsylvania, USA
Washington DC, USA
Wellington, New Zealand
Wilmington, DE, USA

With or without a Virtual Office, your Company will still have its registered office at the Country of Incorporation

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