Colorado Limited Liability Company (LLC) Since:
Members are not US citizens or resident in USA
The Company does not generate profits in USA
It will be a 100% tax exempt company
Excellent for your worldwide trade

U.S.A., State of Colorado
Limited Liability Company

Available Packages

Atrium has been actively helping clients through our expert advice on international company formation, accounting and tax matters since 1998. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop an expertise and focus on developing company packages in jurisdictions which have advantageous tax planning opportunities. Over the years, we have tested these jurisdictions to ensure that set-up and maintenance requirements are right for client’s needs.

We offer our clients with a complete corporate package, including company registration, legal registered office address, nominee director and shareholder services, bank account introductions, accounting, plus a whole range of services to meet all your regular and day-to-day business needs.

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